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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Seattle, Washington

Pedestrian accidents are traumatic. Our law firm and lawyers will lead and guide you through the course of your personal injury claim.

Sternberg Thomson Okrent & Scher Can Help You With Your Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Claims

Often accidental injuries develop or take longer to heal than you first think.  It is not until you have healed fully that you can know about the full nature and extent of your injuries, including if you have any permanent damage. Often, you are not aware of the areas of compensation you are entitled to as a pedestrian involved in an accident when you are injured by the negligence of others.  You are entitled to compensation for both your financial losses such as medical expenses and lost income, and your pain and suffering, any permanent injury, scarring and disfigurement, loss of support and companionship, and other non-financial losses as well.

Sternberg Thomson Okrent & Scher is very familiar with tactics and schemes insurance companies will attempt to use to settle your accident case for the lowest amount possible. We know just how much is at stake and are ready to fight aggressively to help you recover the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

Also, when you hire our firm, you will not have to pay attorneys’ fees if we do not win you a successful recovery.

There is no need to settle a personal  injury case right after an accident.  We will fight the insurance company for you!

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Seattle, WA

Personal Injury Accident Lawyers. Seattle, Washington
Personal Injury Accident Lawyers. Seattle, Washington
Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Lawyers. Seattle, WA
Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Lawyers. Seattle, WA
Personal Injury Lawyers. Seattle, WA
Personal Injury Lawyers. Seattle, WA


$1,700,000 recovery on behalf of an injured client who has suffered life-threatening and permanent disabilities as a pedestrian hit accidentally by a truck.

$600,000 recovery on behalf of a pedestrian injured in a crosswalk accident who suffered multiple fractures, endured surgeries, and suffered from Post-Traumatic stress.

$165,000 recovery on behalf of a pedestrian accidentally hit by a mirror from a transit van in a parking lot causing a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.

$100,000 insurance policy limits recovery on behalf of a pedestrian accidentally injured while walking in a crosswalk.

$81,000 recovery for a pedestrian injured in a crosswalk.

Please Note: Any results and pedestrian accident settlements portrayed here were dependent on the facts of particular legal matter and results vary from case to case.

Damages We May Pursue in a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Damages may be economic, which have a calculable financial value attached, and noneconomic, which punish the at-fault driver for gross negligence. Noneconomic, or punitive, damages may be available when drunk driving or texting caused the crash. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, we may pursue such damages as:

  • Lost wages
  • Reduction in future earnings
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical care
  • Disabilities
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

Relevant Washington State Laws and Washington Pattern Jury Instructions Related to Pedestrian Accident Personal Injury Cases. Both Civil and Criminal Cases In Seattle, King County and Washington State.

Revised Code Washington:



RCW 46.52.020: Duty in case of personal injury or death or damage to attended vehicle or other property—Penalties

RCW 4.20.010: Wrongful death—Right of action

RCW 4.20.046: Survival of actions

RCW 46.61.235: Crosswalks

RCW 46.61.240: Crossing at other than crosswalks

RCW 46.261.261: Drivers and bicyclists must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks

RCW 46.29: Financial Responsibility

RCW 46.61.050: Traffic signals

RCW 46.61.240: Yield to vehicles outside intersections

RCW 46.61.245: Due Care Exercised by Drivers

RCW 48.22.030: Uninsured motorist

RCW 48.22.090: Personal Injury Protection

RCW 4.16.080: Personal injury statute of limitations

Washington Pattern Jury Instructions (WPI) That Might Be Applicable to Pedestrian Accidents

  • WPI 30.01.02. Economic Damages—Definition
  • WPI 30.01.03. Noneconomic Damages—Definition
  • WPI 30.01.04. Future Damages—Definition
  • WPI 30.04. Measure of Damages—Elements of Damages—Nature and Extent of Injury
  • WPI 30.05. Measure of Damages—Elements of Noneconomic Damages—Disability, Disfigurement, and Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • WPI 30.06. Measure of Damages—Elements of Noneconomic Damages—Pain and Suffering, Etc.—Past and Future
  • WPI 30.07.01. Measure of Economic Damages—Elements of Past Damages—Medical Expenses
  • WPI 30.07.02. Measure of Economic Damages—Elements of Future Damages—Medical Expenses

Proving Injury Damages for Your Pedestrian Accident

Whether negotiating a settlement with your insurance company or suing an at-fault driver, you must prove your injuries as a pedestrian and the resulting damages. Our lawyers guide you through the process of obtaining evidence to support your accident claim, including:

  • Medical records and Medical Charges. Your doctor’s observations and prognoses are key in supporting your accident injury claim. You should seek medical treatment as soon as practicable after a pedestrian accident to protect your health and to preserve important evidence to support your claim.
  • Police accident reports. Law enforcement provides an objective assessment of the pedestrian accident. They are a neutral professional that makes a record of the accident.
  • Pictures of the accident scene and damaged cars. Taking pictures of the vehicles and other aspects of the accident scene will help prove the driver’s fault.