Client Reviews

Aaron and Scott are excellent attorneys. They worked hard for me on my case. The insurance company tried to lowball us on several different occasions, but because of their perseverance, skills, and dedication I received the compensation I deserved. Their senior paralegal Michelle was thorough, thoughtful, and kind! Thank you all!


I was driving in Bellevue when a large truck hit my car. I was transported to the ER in an ambulance. The trucking company denied they caused the accident. Scott and his team filed a lawsuit, and we settled the case in mediation for more than my wife and I had hoped. My law firm supported me from the initial paperwork, my medical treatment, and the legal process. My wife and I feel very fortunate that we had Scott on our side.


Choosing Aaron Okrent and Scott Scher to represent you is a wise decision.  You will be thankful however long your recovery process takes.

In August 2017, I was hit while walking in a crosswalk and sent flying 20 feet into the air by a Ram 4×4 pickup truck, while walking in Bellingham. I was very lucky to survive. My injuries were extensive, 19 shattered and broken bones, internal and head injuries, 2 hospitalizations, nursing home and 5 medical professionals in home care for five months afterward. But, because I had both Aaron and Scott on my side, the whole horrific ordeal was much more manageable. My former employer referred me to Aaron and Scott. Within 10 minutes of my phone call with them from my hospital bed, they immediately began relieving some of my stress by helping to arrange an ambulance transfer to a skilled nursing facility closer to my home and family near Seattle. Aaron and Scott eased my way by working with me through every major and minor difficulty. They consoled me during my severe pain, talked with my doctors, helped me with Labor & Industries and navigated the insurance claims. My case was generously settled, and it hinged on the amazing timing and skilled negotiations of both Aaron and Scott.

For almost three long years they bolstered and reassured me, and I am forever grateful to know them.  They are a brilliant and deeply experienced team. It is imperative you find the best to represent you when the chips are really down, and you don’t know who to trust. I highly recommend these two superb attorneys.


A few years back I had a tire fly off my car at 60 mph that did serious damage to the vehicle and injured me. There was never any question on who would represent me with the insurance company. Thanks to their team my case was handled smoothly and efficiently. We went to a full hearing in arbitration and the monetary award made by the Arbitrator was far more than I ever had anticipated. If you want hands-on personal representation by an experienced professional team give Aaron Okrent and Scott Scher a call. It will be the only call you make.